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Direct Agents Announces Future First Creative Studio

Direct Agents’award winning, in-house creative studio rebrands as  Future First Studio.

New York, New York - Future First Studio, formerly Digital Content Lab, is Direct Agents’ in-house creative studio that has partnered with brandssuch as Colgate, Belkin, Linksys, W Hotel, and College Humor to create custom digital marketing assets. Led by Dinesh Boaz, Creative Director/Co-founder of Direct Agents and award winning aerial photographer, the studio focuses on bridging the gap between creative and media.  With Future First, designs are conceived through a combination of art, science, and data 

“Our passion is to make amazing creative for our client’s vision. Our mission is to incite those emotional moments in a consumer’s journey online, “said Boaz. “Our new name reflects our focus on innovation and growth as we anticipate the future. As a company with seventeen years of experience in digital marketing, we are committed to delivering breakthrough creatives that will help our brands succeed and grow.”

The Future First Studio team recently won the W3 awardfor their social content strategy. Within one month, the new strategy increased their clients post engagement by 39%, followers by 15%, and mentions by 48%. This is a direct reflection of the innovation and thought that goes behind every creative strategy. 

“At Future First Studio, we believe that a creative asset is never truly completed. Consumer behaviors go beyond data points, so it's imperative for us to look at the full context around a live asset and optimize accordingly,” said Maddie Fantle, Senior Producer and Head of Content.

Heading into 2020, Future First Studio will be expanding their services to include custom creative strategies and social content for TikTok campaigns. The studio is also working closely with the Direct Agents analytics teamto create AI driven reporting and optimization to increase engagement and performance on all creative. To see how Future First Studio can help your brand, reach out to, and take a look at our reel


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